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Amdoh inc. is devoted to the design and creation of extraordinary architectural glass products. Whether you're in the hospitality, commercial, residential, or furniture industry, we understand that every visionary entrepreneur seeks fresh ideas and innovative materials to transform their spaces. That is why Amdoh Inc. has embarked on an unceasing journey of discovery and curation, sourcing the most luxurious materials from around the world to craft our unique 2024-2025 Decorative Architectural Glass Collection, manufactured in our facility located in Middletown, New York, USA. More than a company, Amdoh, Inc. is a collective of passionate individuals. Our team includes seasoned designers, skilled engineers, and master artisans, each with decades of experience, united by a profound love for the artistry of glass. Amdoh, Inc. is thrilled to introduce our highly anticipated 2024-2025 Decorative Architectural Glass Collection, designed for the most discerning tastes. Our goal is not just to create glass products but to shape the future of architectural aesthetics, and this collection is a testament to that ambition.

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